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Private Investigation Case Management Software

If your company or organization is looking to automate your business processes, or you've outgrown 'off the shelf' software, then it's time for custom software. U-TRACK-M specializes in the development and administration of case management applications and hosting services so your company can have tools that grow with your organization's evolution.  From the ground up, U-TRACK-M was designed and created with the assistance of Investigative Consultants.

More Than Just Programmers...We're Partners

What good is original, custom-built software that you don't know how to use? You could be new to buying custom software or you've purchased custom software in the past. Many times you'll find a great price, but once the development team builds a program, they disappear.

At U-TRACK-M Inc. you'll have software that works hand-in-hand with your business objectives...AND get the proper instructions for its use.

The expertise that our teams of professionals embraces a wide range of custom programming skills.It involves the latest and most effective development technologies, such as .NET. The best part of all, beside the security of dependable software, is the customer support you'll experience before and after the software is put to use.

        U-TRACK-M Software Features:
  • Remote case management through the web
  • User profiles for Administrators, Clients, Investigators, and Owners
  • Electronic reporting delivery to clients
  • Case video, image, and document storage
  • Investigator management
  • Claimant / Subject management
  • Multiple levels of security to protect your data.
Why Choose U-TRACK-M?

You'll have a strong and valuable relationship when you decide to work with U-TRACK-M because it's our goal to grow your business through the use of technology. By guaranteeing your satisfaction, you can expect more than just programmers. You'll have trusted partners who want you to succeed...and show you how.

Contact U-TRACK-M today to learn how your operations can benefit from software and technology built around YOUR organization.


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Telephone: 813.463.0201
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Toll Free: 1 877 U TRAK M 1
Customer Service: 877.887.2561
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Sales Department: 877.887.2561
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E-mail: info@utrackm.com

Want to go for a test drive?

That is a silly question, of course you want to. Feel free to peruse our demo site and test it out for yourself. You can add as many cases as you would like and show it to whomever you like, we won't tell!
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